Melinda Moreaux Valente



Ethan Paisley and Juliette Christopher, “Into The Woods” 2012

Mallory & Meredith Petaluma Sings! 1996

Stella Heath, New York, 2009

Stella as Juliet, Orlando Shakespeare 2012

Cinnabar Theater's

"You're A Good Man Charlie Brown"  2015

Hunter Johnson, Sol Smith, Juliette Christopher and Grace Steckler

Photos: Victoria Von Thal

Dominic Williams as Freddy in

“My Fair Lady” SRJC 2011

Photo: Tony Firriolo

Laura Odette Sandoval "Annie" Cinnabar Theater 2013

Shelby Porter, "Winter Rose" 2010

Hunter Johnson, "Romeo & Juliet" 2015

Laura Odette Sandoval "The Wizard of Oz"

Cinnabar Theater 2013

Olivia Newbold "The Wizard of Oz"

Cinnabar Theater 2013

Stella Heath "Cymboline" Marin Shakespeare, 2015