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Certificate of Merit Information


Dear parents,


It’s time to decide if your musician will participate in Certificate of Merit this year.

If you don't know what I'm talking about, Certificate of Merit is an evaluation program that happens on the first weekend of March every year. It's a great program which includes performing for an evaluator who will give helpful insight into your child's playing or singing, extra performance opportunities, a written theory test...and…a trophy!!! CM looks great on college and high school applications. Not as great as saving a life, but pretty good.


     1.     Yes or no

     2.     Remind me of your child's grade.

     3.     Confirm your child's CM level for this year (if you know it).

     4.     Check for an email from MTAC after October 1st for a message from MTAC that you'll need to respond to. You’ll register your child and pay the fee through a link in the email.

     5.     The fee is +/- $45-$65, depending on the level. A fee of +/- $45-$65 will be paid to an accompanist in January

     6.     Dates: Voice evaluations will be on February 29, here in the studio. Piano students will mostly be on March 7, with some on March 8, at Sonoma State. Both voice and piano students will take their written  exam on March 7 or 8 at Sonoma State.

     7.     You will need to buy a theory book. More information later.

     8.     All students are required to attend a practice theory test and rehearsal day on Saturday, February 22,  here in the studio from 11-4. Students will be scheduled for about an hour during this time.

Will you let me know ASAP by responding to the message on REMIND.


In gratitude,