My lovingly restored 1906 Steinway "A" made it's voyage to it's first piano teacher in San Francisco via the Strait of Magellan, a journey of over six months from New York, arriving in 1906, some time after the great San Francisco earthquake.

I know only bits and pieces of the story of my beautiful piano. The original owner was a piano teacher, and a woman. I know she lived in a three story victorian near Golden Gate Park, and from the third story, she could see the waves crashing on Ocean Beach. I'm going to call her Miss. McGreggor, but she could easily have been Miss. Lee, Miss Isetta, Miss Yamakawa, Miss Popoff, or Miss Koifmann. I'm going to assume she never had children, because her piano was found in 2002 in her abandoned home. There were many people and pets living in her house, none of them legally. The city auctioned off the house and it's contents, and this is how I came to adopt and help restore this beautiful instrument.

     Have you always wanted to play the piano? Do you have a child who's passionate about music? This is the place for you. Every lesson begins with joy. Music is more than learning notes and how to play an instrument. Music builds the capacity for joy and inspiration in every student.

     Young students move from activity to activity during the lessons, enjoying many games and toys while building their musical range and learning the language of music.

Because dear "Miss. McGreggor" taught so many children, for so many years, by the time I adopted her piano, the keys from low C to the C above middle C, the range young children generally play, were worn completely through to the wood.

I believe in the importance of even very young children to have the experience of playing on a beautiful piano, in a welcoming place filled with a love of music and artistry...

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