My daughter has been going to Melinda Moreaux since 2012, from the age of 9 when our family relocated from Southern California. We were lucky to get a spot and have maintained it ever since. The growth I’ve seen from my daughter is so readily apparent not just to me, but to those who have watched my daughter over the years. Melinda is not merely a voice coach-- she is a vocal instructor that teaches technique, including breathing, pronunciation, posture, and intention, among other things. Melinda has contributed to the musical and vocal advancement of my daughter in unexplainable ways through her encouragement and challenges. But Melinda does not only teach. She too is a “student” consistently exploring and educating herself in the music world, constantly learning and expanding her knowledge so that her students can reap the benefits of it. If you are lucky enough to get a spot at Studio Woodwardia, you will experience a professionalism and wealth of wisdom from an incredible artist and teacher that you cannot just find anywhere.

           Jamie Newbold

     My teenage son’s voice has flourished under Melinda’s teaching. I could not be more pleased! I have also enjoyed taking a few lessons from her, myself. She is full of very useful technical tips, and knowledgeable about repertoire. She is a very personable person who really sizes up the different needs of each student, and meets those needs with expertise.

               Sandy Riccardi

Five years ago, Melinda intuitively recognized the unique learning styles of my two young children. Through her compassion and depth of knowledge, Melinda has cultivated their skills and natural love of music ever since.

          Rebecca McDowell

Melinda Moreaux

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